Nilper Orchestra to stage concert

Nilper Symphony Orchestra accompanied by the German pianist Moritz Ernst will stage a concert at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on August 2, 2015.

The performance will be staged in two sections. The first includes solo performance by Ernst plus several musical pieces from contemporary music composers, ISNA reported.

The first part intends to create an interactive orchestral program between the two countries. The German composer said that staging a concert in Iran was his fervent desire since Iran enjoys high musical potentials.

“I made great attempts to find a way to perform in Iran. Finally, an Italian professor helped me interact with the supervisor of the orchestra Navid Gohari,” he said.

Touching upon the concert’s repertoire, he said that the first piece was composed by the Indian-German musician Sandeep Bhagwat. He was born in India but resides in Berlin. He takes his inspiration from East Asian culture.

The German pianist is also due to perform two pieces by Iranian musicians Houshyar Khayyam and Peyman Yazdanian.

Another piece by Viktor Ullmann inspired by Beethoven’s sonatas will be also performed.

The second part of the concert includes one of Beethoven’s pieces which will be performed as an orchestral. In fact, all global music composers are partially inspired by him.

The Nilper Symphonic Orchestra was founded in 2003 by Gohari, who is also the manager and conductor of the orchestra. Nima Zahedi is also collaborating as the concert maestro.

The program aims to boost Iran-Germany cultural ties. The concert has been organized jointly by the Cultural Section of the German Embassy in Tehran and Goethe Institute.

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