Nilper String/Symphony Orchestra

“Nilper” means “Lotus” in ancient Persian language. It is a symbol of peace and friendship, an ancient approach of Iran towards all countries. Nilper Orchestra was founded by Navid Gohari in 2004 for performing contemporary classical music. The Orchestra’s continuous aspiration is performing art music of both Iranian and international contemporary composers, while – as the members of the orchestra – bringing together talented performers and raising the level of artists living and working in Iran. Since its establishment, the orchestra has performed regularly in seasonal programming and in its thirteen years of activity, has performed 28 full concerts, performing 58 works in repertoire of contemporary music, 23 world or national premieres, and has hosted 10 soloists. Since 2008 Ehsan Tarokh has been responsible for orchestra’s managerial activities. Nilper is focused on introducing and performing the rarity repertoire of high quality, observing international rules of copyright and interaction with publishing houses, and inviting and hosting established artists and soloists from around the world. These all mark the concept, philosophy, and the approach of the board of directors in Nilper Orchestra.


Download the book of NSO archive (2003-2019)