In addition to its busy concert and touring schedule, the NSO is available to hire for commercial recordings, Cultural Projects & Performances.

The NSO can help with all your needs, including finding a suitable studio or concert halls, conductor and chorus, expert wind instruments or percussion players. The NSO can provide any number of players from full orchestras to chamber ensembles and top specialist players for non-orchestral instruments if required. No matter what your specific requirements are, you can count on the Nilper Orchetsra abilities to make sure your project is successful as possible.

Why should collaborate with NSO?

Always the NSO

The NSO guarantees that the orchestra presented is indeed the Nilper Orchestra. The same Principal players will be available for every session during a project, and because all the players play together on a regular basis, there is a unity and cohesion of sound which is not obtained from a freelance orchestra. The only exception to this is when we have guest players in wind instruments or percussion session.

‘Other than Nilper, I am familiar with other Orchestra in Tehran, such as Tehran symphony orchestra or philharmonic orchestra, but among them, Nilper is very serious about his work.’

Martyna Kosecka, Composer & Conductor

The Nilper Orchestra is self-governing and several of the Board of Directors and Orchestra Committee of the Board are playing members. The advantage of this system is that if there are any issues during the Project, the NSO Board, on behalf of its members, can take decisions to facilitate solutions, which the members then adhere to. This differs from a freelance orchestra where individuals do not have the same allegiance to their own company.

Top Principal Players

In addition to the consistently high quality of the whole Orchestra, many of the NSO’s Principals are experienced soloists in their own right, performing in other orchestra’s and chamber ensemble as well as playing concertos and chamber works in NSO concerts.


The warmth and friendliness of the NSO players is always commented on by composers, conductors, critics and producers.

Make your collaboration

If you want to make your project in collaboration with NSO, hire the orchestra or other cultural collaborations, you can contact to: